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EZCloudSales® makes it easier to ensure adequate inventory and optimize your logistics. We are constantly improving our online order fulfillment suite to increase your productivity and better manage your business. Whether you are running a distribution center or retail store, the EZCloudSales® suite allows better flexibility throughout your daily operations.

The EZCloudSales® solution can be utilized by organizations at all levels of the supply chain. When you are able to adapt your processes at all levels, you are better able to serve your customers. Distributors and manufacturing can better communicate and control their business rules as they relate to their customers. Retailers will be able to submit logical orders and ensure adequate levels of inventory.


Our manufacturer oriented solution includes:

  • Increased operational efficiencies with system automation
  • Better forecasting with customers placing orders farther in advance
  • Coordinate lead times for ordering and distribution
  • Customizable to unique business needs
  • Setup and enforce hierarchy-based security and authorizations
  • Communicate and educate product information
  • Streamline product flow based on real-time data
  • Plan for and structure line changes proactively


Ensure your inventory is ready to respond to consumer demand. EZCloudSales® makes it easy to stay informed of your current stock, as well as ordering trends, to help you make better distribution decisions. This online fulfillment suite is fully customizable to meet the needs of your business. Its common uses at the distribution level include:

  • Order and Availability Control
  • Cutoff Time and Date Setting
  • “Minimum Order” Amount Enforcement
  • Communication and Preparation of Lead Times
  • Available to Accept Orders 24/7/365
  • Validation of Order Efficiency and Delivery Productivity


Allow procurement personnel throughout your institution to place their own orders while enforcing consistent business rules and regulations.  EZCloudSales® can benefit the following institutions:

  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Hospitals
  • Community & Senior Centers
  • Churches & Non-Profits
  • Financial Establishments
  • Government Agencies
  • Sports & Event Venues


As the point of service for many consumers, your retail store depends on adequate stock in order to meet day-to-day demand. Ensure you always have what your customers want with EZCloudSales®. Our retail oriented solution includes:

  • Enhanced Inventory Control
  • 1 Click Many Orders™ Options to Generate Multiple Orders at once
  • Real-Time Email Summaries of Your Orders
  • Advance Order Placement and Modification
  • Standing and Logical Orders

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