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Inventory Availability

A positive customer experience depends on a well-managed inventory. Get the full picture of your operations with EZCloudSales®. We deliver a secure and intuitive inventory availability and order fulfillment solution that adapts to your situation. Reduce downtime and sell through your stock more efficiently. We make it easier to manage your business.

Knowing what items a retailer has, where they are located, and their individual quantities are all crucial factors for increasing sales and profitability. For this reason, it is important to use an inventory tracker that can keep up with the demands of your consumer base.

Gain a better understanding of your inventory and where it is going with our cloud-based solution. Utilizing powerful networking technology, we empower you to stay on top of things at the touch of a button.

Inventory Availability

Track Your Inventory

Consider EZCloudSales® as your attentive assistant. Our cloud-based system allows you to document and manage your inventory with ease. Thanks to its comprehensive remote-access capabilities, you are able to consolidate your network of stores or warehouses, and track inventory levels on an individual basis.

Stay informed of each store’s inventory levels. You can also configure the system to notify you of potential overages or reporting errors automatically. Set a predefined number of retries for inventory audit error reporting, and also establish protocols for notifying management in the event of a miscount. Quantity thresholds can be set by number or percentage. With EZCloudSales®, knowing where your inventory stands is a simple process.


Presentation You Can See

Give your supervisors and clients a fast and intuitive browsing experience. For both businesses and customers, EZCloudSales® enables the instant retrieval of product information. The items can be presented and grouped by department or category for a streamlined browsing experience.

Thanks to ample hosting space, you can even attach high-resolution images to your entries. As a result, customers gain a better understanding of your services. Meanwhile, your warehouse and retail managers are able to verify the appropriate information.

Product Description

Save Time with Automation

Automated tracking reduces the likelihood of user error, allowing your team to diversify their functions in the workplace. The EZCloudSales® system reduces manual tracking of inventory and order generation.

Thanks to its cloud-based platform, all data is stored electronically—printing, “thumbing through,” and filing inventory sheets are relics of the past. Better yet, this powerful suite can recognize efficiencies and help you decide how to streamline your current processes.

Accessibility and Accountability

Keep track of your inventory in real-time. The EZCloudSales® suite allows you to manage and review information live and while out on the floor, allowing increased flexibility throughout your facility. As a cloud-based system, you are able to access your accounts through multiple Internet-connected devices. You are also able to cultivate accountability by monitoring who did what, and when.

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