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EZCloudSales® enables organizations to communicate with customers via fixed and dynamic messaging as well as automated emails. Our online order fulfillment suite includes many different channels for you to connect and stay in touch with your clients. Learn about the many types of solutions we offer below, as well as how they work to optimize your customer service efforts. Contact us to learn how to improve your communication processes.


CommunicationsImportant Information

From automated alerts to timely notifications, our communication suite allows your customers to stay informed of products and services. The EZCloudSales® solution allows automatic messages and alerts so clients can learn about their account status and special promotions. Functions include:

  • Alerts and Notifications – Never Forget to Place an Order Again
  • Product Information – Stay up to Date with the Latest Updates and Releases
  • Promotions and Specials – Users Learn about Deals upon Logging into Their Account
  • Advertise New Items or Inform of Limited Quantities – Tell Customers about Hot Deals
  • Holiday Schedules and/or Potential Delivery Interruptions – Give Your Clients a Friendly Reminder
  • Universal Control and Flexibility – Inform at All Levels, from a Single Customer to Your Entire Base

Business Processes

Optimize your internal operations with our convenient business communication solutions. We’ve included tools that empower you to adapt to the changing business environment and also issue actions at a moment’s notice. Business tools include:

  • Setting Cutoff Dates and Times
  • Credit Holds
  • Price Changes
  • Available Delivery Days

Email Correspondence

Improve your relationships with your customers and learn how to adapt to their changing needs. We provide Email services that allow you to stay in direct contact with your client base. From order confirmations to surveys, our email communication solutions make it even easier to maintain relationships with your customers. Services include:

  • Order Summaries
  • Group Messages and Subscription Services
  • Order Reminders and Alerts
  • Product and Service Surveys

Contact us today to learn how to simplify your communication efforts with our order fulfillment service.

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