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Analytics & Reporting

Manage and adjust your business strategies with confidence. EZCloudSales® provides powerful analytical and reporting tools to present your sales and inventory data in a clear and concise manner.We deliver an online order fulfillment suite that makes it easier to manage your logistical efforts. Keep track of your inventory and learn how to adapt to the demands of your customers. Analysis and reporting is simple and intuitive when you choose us.

The EZCloudSales® system allows you to gain a better understanding of what is and is not working for your business. Thanks to an easy-to-use interface, data analysis is both interactive and informative. Smarter data means smarter decisions. Plan for the future with confidence and make the switch to EZCloudSales®.


Your sales and product history form the basis of your data. Make that data work for you. The Analytics tool allows you to make logical connections between your inventory, sales history, and product placement. This component of the EZCloudSales® suite includes:

  • Chart and Graph Generation
  • Inventory Detail for Better Product Management
  • Connect Customer History with Product Sales Trends in a Graphical Manner
  • Export Results Into Spreadsheet or PDF Formats
  • Analyze Service Intervals in Relation to Productivity




EZCloudSales® makes it easy to present your findings. Our reporting tools enable you to make clear, easy-to-follow reports that allow your team to make intelligent business decisions. Our interactive user interface makes reporting and presentation an intuitive experience. Available functions include:

  • Access and Report against Sales and Return History
  • Generate Reports at Multiple Levels, including Division, Branch, Representative, and Customer
  • Research Individual Products
  • Generate Reports for Forecasting and Product Lead times
  • Export Results into Spreadsheet or PDF Formats

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