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"Save time,” “save money,” and “increase sales” are all bold statements throughout the supply chain and retail industries. EZCloudSales® is a tool that delivers on all three of these phrases. Manage your business and take care of your consumer base with our online order fulfillment solution. Our inventory availability tools optimize your business’s performance, allowing you to respond to consumer demand with ease. Learn how our tools can improve your business below. Then, contact our office to learn more about our services.


Focus on your customers while managing your inventory. The EZCloudSales® system allows you to review inventory and place orders while you are on the floor. Ensure adequate stock is available throughout your location. EZCloudSales®Cloud-based interface allows you to place and review orders for multiple locations, including from outside your places of business.

7.	Efficiency


Thanks to cloud-based technology, our online order fulfillment tools can be used on computers, tablets, mobile devices, and smartphones. Access and control is always available. Review and manage inventory, orders, and other information at your convenience. EZCloudSales® allows you to automate your processes to save time and money.



An informed business is an intelligent business. EZCloudSales® provides comprehensive analytical and reporting tools for inventory, sales history, and production. Give your buyers peace of mind with automatic order notifications and secure account controls. The EZCloudSales® suite recognizes delivery dates and patterns to determine the most efficient ways to place orders and when to restock inventory.


Ordering new stock is simple and stress-free when you use EZCloudSales®. You are able to copy previous orders to further streamline your restocking process. In addition, this technology empowers you to place and modify orders weeks in advance, allowing you to respond effectively to consumer demand and plan ahead for future promotions. Power and adaptability are yours with the click of a mouse.

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